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Sire: FC Dress Blues (SR45750507)

Dam: Uodibar's Bestill 'N Know (SR61056102)

Birth Date: 19 March 2015
Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer


Dixie is one of those once in a lifetime dogs that we've been privileged to own. She started her career as a puppy as Dog of the Year in Region 2 with the AFTCA. Since then she has been the backbone of our guide string where she hunts around 100 days a year. She is the definition of natural ability, if we would had known what we were getting when we bought Dixie, we would had bought the entire litter! She's honest as the come, marks and retrieves as well as any dog, a natural in the water, and is a sweet heart in the home.  


We could spend an hour talking about how nice Dixie is and we'd just be getting started!

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