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Puppies Have Arrived!

Our puppies start their lives in the home with us. From birth they're exposed to a home environment and the sights and sounds that come with it. Each day they're held, socialized and begin to build a bond with people that will last them the rest

of their lives. Around four weeks old our puppies are weaned and begin the housebreaking process. This makes the transition to their new home at 8 weeks easier as they've already begun to associate going outside with potty breaks. 


Welcome Home!

Puppies are ready to head to their new homes by 8 weeks of age. Selecting your new puppy is done based on the order in which deposits were received. At three weeks old, we'll schedule a date for you to pick-up your new puppy if you're making the trip to us. If you're having your puppy shipped to you, transport can be arranged for a date following our pick-up date. 

Puppy Registration

All of our puppies are registered with the AKC and/or NAVHDA before they leave our kennel. Once your deposit has been submitted, you should start thinking of a registered name for your new puppy! We also microchip all our puppies with AKC Reunite! 


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