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Training For The Hunt & Home


Puppy Program

A four-week foundation level program that provides an introduction to birds in a hunting environment, acclimation to the gun, and basic obedience in the field and home. The objective of this program is to develop a bold, confident puppy with a desire for birds. During this program we begin to introduce the e-collar but limit our use to the vibrate function. At the end of the program, your puppy is ready for future formal training and will recall with the "here" command, handle and go with you in the field, and have a good foundation of obedience training.   



Hunt & Home Program
A likable, well-rounded sporting companion must be as well trained in the home as they are in the field. Our Hunt & Home program has your sporting companion residing alongside our family in the home where they receive daily obedience training in addition to three days a week in the field focusing on bird work and their development as a gundog. 



Wild Bird Excursions
Have your dog join us for two to four weeks in South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, or Oregon for a true sporting experience. Wild birds are the true test of a gundog, they teach a dog lessons that pen raised birds simply can't. This program does require your dog to have trained with us in the past or join us for a two-week refresher course before leaving for an excursion. 

A True Sporting Experience


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