We don't train dogs, we develop gundogs! Great gundogs are born, not trained and through our program we develop your dog's natural ability to allow them to perform at their full potential. We use a low-force training method while integrating positive reinforcement to help shape your dog's behavior. Our training programs are tailored to each individual dog and we progress through our training objectives as each dog communicates with us that they understand the behavior we're asking of them and are ready to move forward in their training. When you drop your dog off for training, we'll discuss where your dog is currently at and do a brief evaluation to establish a baseline of where your dog is at in their training. We'll then discuss how we'll approach your dog's training objectives to meet your goals for them. 

Puppy Camp

Our puppy program is four weeks of training and open to all pointing and flushing breeds 12 months or younger. This program is focused on the development of

your dog's natural abilities and proper introduction to birds, guns, water, and the e-collar.


We tailor this program to each individual dog, by developing your puppy at their own pace! Over the course of this program your dog will learn to recall to the "here" command and to go with you in the field while being properly conditioned to an e-collar. They will be introduced to birds and learn to apply this to their field work as we begin to develop their natural pointing or flushing instinct. After bird introduction has been completed your puppy will be properly introduced to the gun. Upon completion of this program, you will have a dog that is prepared for their first season in the field and ready for formal training.


Started Dog Program

Our started dog program is a recommended three month training program open to all pointing and flushing breeds 9 months and older. This program is focused on developing your dog into a gun dog. We cover everything included in our Puppy Program and then move into advanced training.

Pointing breeds will learn the following:

  • "Whoa"

  • Steady to flush or shot

  • Honoring

  • Heel

  • Development of the natural retrieve

Flushing breeds will learn the following:

  • "Hup"/Sit

  • Place training

  • Heeling 

  • Developing a bold flush

  • Developing their natural retrieve

At the end of this program you will have a dog that is ready to hunt while being well mannered in the field and home.

All of our training programs are $1,200/month and are all inclusive. No hidden end of month charges for birds, feed, or anything else.