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Great gundogs are born, not trained and through our program we develop your dog's natural ability to allow them to perform at their full potential. We use a low-force training method while integrating positive reinforcement to help shape your dog's behavior. Our training programs are tailored to each individual dog and we progress through our training objectives as each dog communicates with us that they understand the behavior we're asking of them and are ready to move forward in their training. When you drop your dog off for training, we'll discuss where your dog is currently at and do a brief evaluation to establish a baseline of their training. We'll then discuss how we'll approach your dog's training objectives to meet your goals for them.

Please review this document to prepare for dropping your dog off for training:

What to Expect and How to Prepare For Your Dog's Training

Puppy Camp

Our puppy program is four weeks of training and open to all pointing and flushing breeds 12 months or younger. This program is focused on the development of your dog's natural abilities and proper introduction to birds, guns, water, and the e-collar. 


This training program is designed for dogs who may be too young for a three month formal training program or for those who want their young dog properly introduced to formal training concepts from the start. We tailor this program to each individual dog, by developing your puppy at their own pace. Over the course of this program your puppy will learn:


Recall to the "Here" command.

Introducing the "Whoa" command.

Teaching a dog to "Kennel" through positive reinforcement.

Properly conditioned to the e-collar. 

Develop pattern and range.

Development of steadiness to wing for pointing breeds and developing a bold flush for flushing breeds. 

Exposure to game birds.


Upon completion of this program, you will have a dog that is prepared to progress with formal training.



Started Dog Program


Our started dog program is a recommended three months of training and open to all pointing and flushing breeds six months and older. This program is focused on developing a foundation of formal training and developing your dog into a reliable hunting companion.  


We divide our Started Dog program into three segments for a dog's training. Once they are competent in the first segment of training we progress onward into the second month of training, and then finish their formal training in the third month. 

The first month of training is based on teaching conditioned responses and mechanical cues. During the first month of training your dog will learn: 

"Whoa," introducing flank pressure with the check cord and then transitioning to a verbal cue. 

"Heel," your dog on lead, walking at your side parallel with you.

Teaching a dog to "Kennel" through positive reinforcement.

Properly conditioned to the e-collar. 

Proper acclimation to gun fire.

Develop pattern and range.

Introducing steadiness to wing for pointing breeds and developing a bold flush for flushing breeds. 

Daily exposure to game birds and training pigeons.

The second month of your dog's training will continue to build upon what they learned in the previous month. Consistent behaviors are the goal for the second segment of training. We begin to transition these behaviors to use with the e-collar.


During the second month your dog will learn:

"Whoa," through stimulation on the flank.

"Heel," off-lead.

Pointing dogs will develop consistency in their steadiness to wing while we focus on increasing the boldness of the flush for flushing breeds. 

Introduction to honoring another dog's point. 

Introduction to stop to flush. 

The final month of training covers everything learned during the first two months and continues to solidify these training concepts. We focus on polishing these behaviors and putting the final touches on your dog. We consider dogs to be "green broke" at the end of this training program. They will have a foundation of training that will make them successful in the field and home. We emphasize developing a natural retrieve over the course of this program, force fetch or a trained retrieve is not part of this training, most dogs return home with a natural retrieve that is acceptable for their role as a hunting companion. 

All of our monthly training programs are $1,200/month and are all inclusive.

No hidden end of month charges for birds, feed, or anything else!

Private Training Sessions


Our private training sessions are intended for dog owners who are wanting to do a majority of the work themselves when it comes to training their sporting companion. Whether you're struggling with a training concept or just need guidance in the training process, our private sessions are designed to help you be successful. We ask that you bring a check cord and collar for your dog, everything else we'll supply and have ready for your session. 

Private sessions are $100/hour. Private sessions are booked by the hour and an appointment is required, we'd recommend scheduling these sessions at least two weeks in advance. The use of homing pigeons is included but the use of game birds will incur additional charges. 


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